The Power of Now

It took me a while to get to ??The Power of Now??, but I finally read it on the recommendation of Michael McAlister at “Infinite Smile”:

The book is very accessible, if a little repetitive. The repetition didn’t bother me that much because, as with most spiritual disciplines, it’s hard to understand the first time around. I appreciated Tolle’s nondenominational and inclusive approach to the deep mysteries of the great spiritual traditions and the way he touched upon such subjects as sexuality, drugs, health, and even karma (though he doesn’t mention that by name).

This book is definitely worth a second read, as I suspect that this is one of those books that has something new on each pass.

I can understand that there is possibly a large group of people that won’t get anything from this book. I think that’s ok. Spirituality is a deeply personal endeavor. Get the book and read it. If it appeals to you, keep it and read it again. If not, give it to a friend.

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