Another adverse reaction to TGN1412: madness

If “this guy”: is able to get an ethics board or Institutional Review Board to let TGN1412 within a thousand miles of another human being’s bloodstream, then he’s going to be able to make a lot of money without having to sell one drop of the stuff. He’d be able to sell steak to vegans.

I have a question for Dr. Hunig: which do you care about? Caring for sick people or giving sick people your drug? I don’t think organ damage will help cancer patients.

I’ve seen sanguine investigators. But nothing this extreme. I’ll follow up on Derek Lowe’s comment: this drug, is an ex-drug. (Somehow, saying “this biologic, is an ex-biologic” doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

(Side note: on the other hand, “thalidomide”:, the infamous teratogenic morning sickness drug that was the reason the FDA tightened regulations in the 1960’s, is on the market for leprosy and multiple myeloma. It turns out to be a useful drug if you aren’t pregnant.)

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