Yoga clothing and yoga off the mat

So, last week I finally took the plunge and bought some clothing specifically for yoga practice. (Mostly cotton, a little Lycra.) “Prana”: shirt and shorts, and, unfortunately, they weren’t cheap. Before now I’ve always gone to practice in a tee shirt and sweats or shorts. While the shorts have often been ok (especially the cotton sports shorts), the sweats and tees have gotten in the way of my practice. It’s pretty irritating to have my shirt around my neck in downward-facing dog or inversions (or even forward fold), and it’s almost as bad to have my movement restricted because my shirt has been tucked in.

Well, today I went to class in my new clothes, and they promptly got out of the way of my practice. No choking hazards and vision obstruction in inversions, and they moved with me and breathed very well. A lot bigger difference than I thought.

And another bit of food for thought my teacher left me with. How does my yoga practice support me off the mat? His teacher had listed fifteen ways yoga helped him improve, and none of them included doing more complicated asanas. In the end, I suppose it really doesn’t matter if you’ve done _tiriang mukhottanasana_ or _urdhva kukkutasana_ or even _padmasana_. What really does matter is the discoveries you’ve made about yourself and your own consciousness, and how it is interrelated with everyone else’s.

I’ll be thinking a little harder about this one.


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  1. Hey John, How about going shirtless in a pair of speedos!

    The recommended clothes for men at Bikrams yoga is shorts or swimming trunks. Fortunately, we dont have any guys wearing little speedos – although I dont complain when the women wear them:)

  2. Er, no. I need to take a couple of inches off my waist before I go shirtless. Maybe 3 or 4. It’s coming off now, slowly but surely.

    Actually the Prana clothes would probably be perfect for Bikrams because they breathe so well and wick away moisture.

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