Blogging sadhana

I load quite a few yoga blogs in my RSS reader. This morning, I came across a gem:

Blogging this stuff really is part of my sadhana, my way of reflecting, remembering, reinforcing, decoding, and revealing all those hidden gems of wisdom that can be so easily lost if not written down soon after. Very much like remembering dreams – if you don’t catch them while they’re still alive in your conscious mind, they slip away forever.

I started out my yoga blogging like this, but have sadly fallen down on this aspect of things. I check other people’s yoga blogs to see what challenges, triumphs, and lessons other people are taking from their practice. Even though the ashtangis seem to be the one with the strongest blogging community and Ashtanga is much different from Anusara, I still get a lot of value out of reading about other people’s experiences. And it’s inspiring me to bump up my practice a notch or two. And maybe even try an Ashtanga class.

What amazes me is the people who are able to get to their shalas four, five, even six mornings a week. Some of these people have children and yet they go to the shala for 90 or so minutes and work jobs. Wow. I’m lucky to get two half-hour practices, two or three more 10-minute practices, and a 90 minute class in a week. Very lucky. I do try to do 5 minutes of headstand a day, but since I’m ill and can hardly breathe through my nose, I been doing only a couple. Yes, I cheat and open my mouth to breathe.

Every little bit I do serves to keep me that much more awake and alert, so I’m grateful for the time I get. That right now _is_ my yoga.

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