CAM quick news

* A new industry related to natural remedies: “bioprospecting”: The latest prospect: coral vs. viruses and cancer. And why not? Animals and plants have been evolving immunities against viruses as well.
* ??Newsweek?? discusses the “proliferation of conflicting scientific information”: about diet. Their conclusion: too much information.
* Homocysteine seems to be a “marker”:, not a mechanism, of heart disease.
* Immunoblogging discusses “probiotics”:, along with a little amusing cognitive dissonance over taking them vs. skepticism (see the comment, “As a patient, I decry pseudoscience. …”)
* Orac describes a fascinating gene expression study on the only CAM item he’s ever said he likes: “green tea”: (“Abstract of paper”:

And marginally-related:
* Genetics might play a role in “cocaine addiction”:

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