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“PharmaGossip”:http://pharmagossip.blogspot.com/ reports on Merck’s decision to “end its involvement”:http://pharmagossip.blogspot.com/2006/03/merck-tell-nastech-to-stick-it.html in Nastech’s inhaled anti-obesity drug. This kind of stuff happens all the time (much to the chagrin of the smaller biotechs getting the short end of the stick), but in this case there is the following commentary:

bq. Looks like the illegal “Columbian marching powder” will remain the only inhaled weight loss drug for a while yet.

My commentary is that inhaled drugs seemed to be having mixed results. Inhaled insulin has been approved, but most of the other indications I’ve seen for inhaled or intranasal drugs are related to respiration.


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  1. Thanks for the hat tip. Will link to your site. Feel free to reciprocate if you wish.

    You will now be my main source of yoga knowledge (please keep your eyes open on PharmaGossip – I have a yoga-related post coming up in a few days)


  2. I look forward to it. However, despite the fact that I enjoy yoga a lot, don’t rely on me as your major source of yoga news and research. For example, Kelly McGonigal in the blogroll is a lot closer to that than I am.

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