Ahimsa and eating meat

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what I’m eating, which eating habits I want to keep, and which I want to change. One question which I am dealing with is whether to give up meat. And I think I have an answer to this question, which appears to plague a lot of yogis.

Many take the discipline of _ahimsa_ to include avoiding the killing of animals for meat. Two interesting conflicting opinions on this can be found at the “Yoga Peeps”:http://www.yogapeeps.com podcast. (“Episode 2”:http://yogapeeps.com/main/2006/episode-2-interview-tracy-groshak-of-yogadivascom/11 and “Episode 3”:http://yogapeeps.com/main/2006/episode-3-interview-kelly-mcgonigal-phd/36 and “Episode 4”:http://yogapeeps.com/main/2006/episode-4-interview-nadia-toraman/40)

Also informing this are an article in the Feb 2006 issue of ??Yoga Journal?? about proper diet and other blog entries, links to which I can’t find at the moment, which discuss the issue. Some of the points they bring up are why do many mammals kill for food out of necessity if it is such a great harm? (I.e. killing for food is part of nature.)

I’ve decided I’m going to let my body tell me.

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  1. I have started serious yoga again after a break of a couple of years. This time around, for some unknown reason, I have felt a need to cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables. Although, the reasons for doing so appear to be completely random (as opposed to ahimsa). It seems like I a little more tuned to what my body is telling me.

    Like your blog though. Have been visiting for a week now.

  2. Hi PS, thanks for the kind word. I think your body knows best how much meat it needs (or, rather, whatever nutrients meat gives you that are not found in other sources in your diet).

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