Standing on my head

Well, I’m trying a “sirsasana”: practice. I’m at 2.5 minutes, and I plan to work up to 5 minutes a day. My main problem is breathing; for some reason my sinuses want to close up while I’m inverted.

So, if I’m able to do a yoga practice in the morning, I may just try 5 minutes of this (including balasana and some seated meditation), or I may try right before savasana.

We’ll see how this goes. Upside-down is a different way of looking at the world. You tend to notice a lot of things you haven’t noticed before.


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  1. Have you tried Bikrams yoga. Its done in a heated room and they hold most poses for a fairly long time. Its helped my sinuses quite a bit. Give it a shot, it might help.

  2. I just might. I’ve been wanting to check it out.

  3. […] Recently I wrote about where sirsasana practice makes my sinuses tend to close. The problem is much worse in the morning, and, given that I’ve been fighting a cold, it’s just that much worse. […]

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