Dedication to practice

Once upon a time, I was doing yoga just about every day. I looked forward to waking up and spending about 15 minutes to a half hour or so doing poses. And once a week I spent a half hour through a strenuous flow class.

Well, through two children I’m still at it, as best as I can. Of course, now I have to write 30 minutes twice a week and one class a week on my schedule and still have to make it happen. But I find it worth it. A few years ago and again only a few months ago, I gained a lot of weight. A few years ago it was for all the wrong reasons — I was sedentary and had several bad habits. The weight gain a few months ago was for all the right reasons — I had another child in the family (and fewer bad habits). Getting back to a good, solid practice that supports my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being (and, transitively, my family’s well-being) is darn hard, but it’s necessary. For that matter, keeping up the good habits (always having a glass of water around, taking breaks from the computer, keeping good posture) for the very same reasons is very hard, and it’s all part of the same thing.

It’s so easy to forget to take care of ourselves, and it’s a vicious cycle. We let bad habits seep in, which in turn leads to clouded judgment, which in turn leads to more bad habits. Turning the inertia around to have mutually supportive well-being and good habits takes constant dedication.

It’s a struggle, but it’s a struggle that’s well worth it.

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