Yoga at the dentist office

I’ve heard that everywhere and everytime is an opportunity to practice yoga. Heck, probably even blogging is such a time. (As time passes I consider yoga to be more of a spiritual discipline as well as a physical practice.)

However, the dentist office is probably not the first place you think of when you think of practicing yoga. The first is the studio, and the second is probably a guest room, office, or basement at home. The dentist office comes at, probably, #345 or something like that.

So I tried a little yoga at the dentist today. I tried to breathe evenly and smoothly, at times even doing a heart chakra meditation. In was very hard, what with a pointy metal object probing the depths of my gums and the radio blaring in the background, but it was also very rewarding. Now, how can I take that lesson elsewhere?

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