Standing backbends at the wall

Unless you are good at “tiriang mukhottanasana”: are can drop “urdhva dhanurasana”: from standing, I highly recommend that you incorporate standing backbends at the wall into your yoga practice.

The idea is very simple. Stand in tadasana about a foot to 18 inches away from the wall, facing away. Make sure your thighs, hips, and low back are properly aligned, and then turn your palms up, fingers facing backward, chest level, somewhat as you would push a barbell over your head. Start to lift your chest, and then curl back. Keep curling back as far as you feel comfortable. If you start to feel lightheaded, stop and slowly come up, while using the wall if you need. Otherwise, extend your arms and place them against the wall and walk your hands down while pushing your heart toward the wall. Go to your comfort level. Notice how your breathing is affected. How does your body move as you inhale? As you exhale?

Wow. Those feel great.

The first few times, you may not get beyond the initial curling back before getting lightheaded, even if you can do the wheel with ease. Pay attention to the breathing, and only go as far as your comfort level. Eventually you’ll be walking your hands down the wall.


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