Keyword stat check

Note: this is the first time that I’ve used the “Performancing”: plugin to write a blog entry. We’ll see how it goes.

Periodically I look at the keywords that people search and find this blog. Here are some of the most popular.

* jesus on trial in italy – 58 hits in the last couple of weeks (if you count the various permutations of the words). Yes, there is a trial in Italy to decide if Jesus existed.
* kevin trudeau scam – 35 hits (the most with one particular word order). Kevin Trudeau is a scammer. The Bush administration probably ought to hire him as press secretary, but then we’d will have proven beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt that the current government is evil. At any rate, take anything Kevin Trudeau says or tries to sell you with a -grain-quarry of salt. It’s worth delaying belief in the 5% of the true things he says to save you the heartache from wasting time and money over the other 95%. And don’t buy his book new. Buy it used. Don’t give him the money.
* baby nora – 7 hits. Simply an amazing story.

Other popular groups of searches have to do with Salé/Pelltier, who love to express their love for each other on prime-time TV on the ice (not that I don’t like them or enjoy watching them skate, but geez do it after the kids are in bed!), quackwatchers/homeopathy/alternative medicine, yoga (including a search for the mental benefits of kapotasana — if you ever find this please let me know as I haven’t managed a full kapotasana. Head on the floor, yes. Head against the soles of my feet, no. Backbends excite the central nervous system, so you’ll probably be energetic after successfully doing one, that is, unless you push it too hard, in which case you’ll probably be exhausted and pass out.) Also included are unsuccessful attempts at finding registration keys to “Avernum 4”: (please pay for the game), statistics, and a couple of searches for my name.

Intriguing keywords:
* nozitol (did I ever use that one?)
* Effective Diaper Domination (eh?)
* wilderness therapy (I’m afraid I’m not familiar with that one)
* MID DE HOW AM I SUPPORT TO LIVE MICHAEL BOLTON (not sure how that one led here)
* random scary stuff (yeah, lots of random scary stuff here)
* nutcases on the oil crisis (well, I do write about nutcases a bit, though I haven’t done a nutcases left and right entry in a while)

No matter how you found me, I hope you find my blog informative and entertaining.

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