What a list of names

Now, I know several people who know John Shadegg much more than I. Actually, my knowledge of the man before about 10 minutes ago was the lower bound on any knowledge any person could have. However, the “Truth Laid Bear”:http://www.truthlaidbear.com/ wrote this appeal from “center-right” bloggers. What caught my eye was the list of people who signed on. Fascinating.

Of course, if they’re “center-right,” then the center must have cataclysmically shifted to the right. Which, unfortunately, I think it has. Who knows, maybe Michelle and John _think_ they’re center-right, but that would make Reagan a liberal and I’m not prepared for that kind of recalibration.

But, if Rep. Shadegg is free of corruption, I’m all for him.


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  1. Maybe it meant center to right? Or, more likely, the are claiming the center-right and ceding the far right to the religious right. At least based on what I know about the listed folks.

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