Do cough syrups have too low a dose to be effective?

The “American College of Chest Physicians”: says yes.

(h/t “Gaijin Biker”:


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  1. Probably. I’ve had a cough for about a month and nothing has helped!

  2. You can always try drinking a whole bottle. But I don’t recommend that.

    FWIW, I’ve found dextromethorphan to be effective for cough in standard OTC doses, at least for a short while. I only take it when the cough is terrible and really gets in the way, though.

  3. The most effective (some physicians say the ONLY effective) commonly available cough med is codeine. Obviously there are side effects including sleepiness and a prescription is required, but it lasts for a while so IMO it’s worth having some around. Humidifiers work wonders as well; try one if you haven’t already.

  4. I think the big problem with dextromethorphan is that it gets metabolized pretty quickly.

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