My hands feel slimy

That’s because I picked up a copy of Kevin Trudeau’s ??Natural Cures?? while I was in the bookstore today. No, I didn’t pay for it, though I might get a used copy of the -screed-+book+ for kicks. I certainly don’t want Trudeau to profit in any way.

So, as I do with many books, I did the random page test. What I found was the cause of cancer: microwaved foods. Now, I have heard about studies that show that some plastics release toxins, including carcinogens, when microwaved, though I am not familiar with the scientific literature or the conclusions resulting from repeated studies. However, rather than cite actual science on the matter, Trudeau talks about how microwave ovens were invented by the Nazis and research was furthered by the Soviets. I don’t know about you, but appeal to fear is not evidence of a claim.

I did find some good advice in the book, such as eating organic foods. However, it’s not on Trudeau’s authority that I follow that advice, and every believable scam and cult has some element of truth in it anyway.

Also included in the book is a rant about Trudeau’s run-in with the FTC(Federal Trade Commission). He claims their restrictions on him abridge his first amendment rights. If the FTC(Federal Trade Commission) had done that to just anyone, he might have had a point. However, he’s a “convicted felon”:, where his convictions involved posing as a doctor and providing false information to obtain credit cards. Well, you can read all about it at the “Wikipedia”: entry.

So, another thing. I noticed that this was a “Borders-recommended” book. I don’t know why. Trudeau certainly has a silver tongue, and beguiles the likes of Paula Zahn and the hosts of Today and the Early Show. He can beguile the Borders staff. And you don’t get to #1 bestselling nonfiction very easily.

If you’ve read the book and you’re thinking that the drug industry is a bunch of greedy bastards, consider this. Thousands of people are employed by the drug industry. These people have families, are vulnerable to cancer, heart disease, GI tract disease, and every other disease that people are susceptible to. And these people are trying their best to expand options available to doctors and to people in getting well when they’re sick. Sometimes their loved ones die, and all they can do is watch.

“They” aren’t trying to keep anything from you. “They” may think of medicine differently, and “they” may be pursuing a different way of healing and promoting health than you. But “they” aren’t trying to make and keep you sick just to make money.

The Kevin Trudeau phenomenon is unfortunate. He’s making honest alternative medicine doctors look stupid, and his influence may cause some people to cut off Western medicine options when they really need them.

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