Final thoughts on homeopathy before I leave it for a while

Rare medical advice from this site: don’t try a homeopathic remedy without first consulting a qualified practitioner of homeopathy. Since most homeopathic remedies are available OTC, it’s possible to self-diagnose and self-medicate. However, I’m finding through personal experience and through study that this isn’t effective, and any prevailing opinion I read on homeopathy advocacy sites seem to agree (at least when it comes to discussing the responder effect in studies). You seem to have to go through the process of consulting a homeopathic practitioner so that they can select the right remedy before you can receive the benefit.

The other thought is that I said something in a “previous post”: that can be construed as misleading. I said that the FDA regulates homeopathic remedies as OTC. This is true, except that pharmaceuticals have to face a long course of clinical study to become approved for prescription use, and, after some time on the market, the FDA may approve the safer ones for OTC use. Homeopathic remedies do not face this same kind of regulation, but they do face similar regulations for manufacture and labeling. Please see the “previous post”: for details.


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  1. […] (Note: please see my new post to clarify this. Homeopathic remedies are not subject to the same clinical development regulations as pharmaceuticals.) […]

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