Oh, yeah, why I’m here on New Year’s Eve

After reading a post at “dKos”:http://www.dailykos.com saying something to the effect of “if you’re reading this, chances are you’re having a lame ass New Year’s Eve,” I thought “well, yeah, I am.” And it occurred to me that something horrible happened to the post that explained why, so, since I’m having, well, a “lame ass New Year’s Eve,” why not tell the whole sick saga.

On Friday, Dec 23, I didn’t feel very well, and neither did my nine-week-old, so I ended up staying home from work. On Saturday, I felt even worse, so while my in-laws were in town I took a two or three hour nap. I felt better, and, on Christmas Day, I actually felt good enough to join the whole family. On Monday, the day after Christmas (and with the in-laws gone), I started to feel very bad, to the point where I got the shivers at night. That night I slept horribly, having viral dreams and waking up every half hour or so. Tuesday, I started recovering, to the point where I even started doing a chore or two. I thought I was starting to turn the corner when on Wednesday morning, after a nasty round in the bathroom, I ended up in so much pain I fell on the floor and couldn’t move for a bit. Throughout the day I got worse and worse, to the point where we called my mother-in-law back. She cheerfully came, fortunately, because my wife wasn’t able to handle two children and a sick husband alone.

That night, after finding out that I had a 103° fever, an on-call doctor strongly urged my wife to take me to the ER. The experience was rough, because I could hardly walk down the stairs, much less tolerate the waiting room of the ER and the slabs of stone they put you on. They poked and prodded, pumped me full of saline because I was massively dehydrated (heart rate of 140, if you must know), and, after an X-ray, diagnosed me with pneumonia. Fortunately, I made enough of a recovery and they thought me healthy enough to avoid admitting me, so I’ve been able to recover at home.

Initially, I recovered quickly, but I’ve plateaued for a bit. It’s going to take a long time to recover fully. Today I was able to try a little “yoga” — really just a one-legged forward bend held gently for two minutes each side and a twist held gently for two minutes each side, along with a sitting meditation for 5 minutes. I’ll probably repeat that shortly, since a glass of bubbly probably isn’t going to do very good things for me. Walking downstairs and back up still wears me out, but I try to do that because I need to get some gentle exercise. And I doubt that I’ll be able to more than a half day work on Monday. We’ll see.

Fortunately, my mind’s been a little sharper than it was on Wednesday, and I’ve managed to make a few improvements, say a couple of things I’ve been wanting to say for a while on this site, and even upgrade to WordPress 2.0. (And shut off that godawful WYSIWYG editor.)

So, wherever you are, Happy New Year.

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