But we can afford a quarter of a trillion and more for a war in Iraq

The government says we can’t afford $20 billion to clean up that environmental disaster called the Great Lakes.


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  1. The private sector should be paying a percentage of these costs; it’s the only way to a) be fair and b)provide economic opportunities for non-polluting technologies to compete and replace old technologies.

    That is the real reason “private sector friendly” legislators hate the EPA; not the short term stuff, like lawsuits, but the long-term stuff, like forcing big oil to compete with wind manufacturers (or closed loop factories with no effluent having a chance against Kathy Lee Gifford Enterprises)

  2. Yes, to the extent that private companies are polluting they should be cleaning up. Because, after all, they are taking away natural resources from other people, wildlife, other companies, etc. It’s kinda like the company across the street taking over the public park for their employees, to the exclusion of everybody else who pays taxes.

    However, it strikes me as odd and even hypocritical that a government could say that it can’t afford to clean up one of our most useful and precious natural resources but it can afford to prosecute the War in Iraq.

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