… and my free time cried for mercy

My skinny free time (like, 5 minutes a day or so, which for some reason I spend blogging) cried for help today when the release of “Avernum 4”:http://www.avernum.com/avernum4/index.html was announced.

If you love a good RPG(Role-Playing Game), check it out. Jeff Vogel (who _is_ “Spiderweb Software”:http://www.spidweb.com) is very good at designing plots and game characteristics, even if his graphics don’t make your ATI or nVidia GeForce 800000000 smoke. Avernum 4 is the latest in a long series of Avernum games, though you don’t need to play the previous games. The new game seems to be based on the “Geneforge”:http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/geneforge3/index.html engine, and I highly recommend that series, too.

Well, as my recommendation will eat the next 3000 hours of your time, I’ll stop there.

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