Beethoven’s wine goblet does him in

Researchers have finally “discovered what killed Beethoven”: Beethoven’s favorite wine goblet at the age of 25 had a high concentration of lead. Apparently lead concentrations in his hair were 100 times of a human being with normal exposure, or something like that.

Death by lead poisoning. What a way to go.


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  1. Stories like this make wonder what things we use everyday will probably end up killing us.

    My guesses are cell phones, hair gel, and one-a-day vitamins…

  2. Plasticware and plastic wrap …

  3. Well, I worry about the accumulation of aluminum I must be getting from wearing my foil hat so much, but it’s a trade off. I need it to keep the black helicopters from finding me with their detection devices.

  4. You really do have to watch those black helicopters, especially with the ones with “23” written on the side. If they get you, you’ll never see the light of day again.

  5. lead plates used to be a status symbol …wood plates left the taste of last nights fish in this morning’s oatmeal. lead was expensive and heavy/substantial. in the name of greed the rich of the day went mad as hatters. on of the north pole expeditions that lost all involved likely had lead poisoning from the canned goods they took. ended up making some crazy decisions and all died.

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