Straw man

And serving up a double …

_Straw man_: an argument which equates any objector to the “skeptic”:’s way of thinking to the most crazed, tinfoil-hat-wearing, irrational, illuminati-believing nutcase there is.


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  1. I hate when skeptics pull out the “strawman” card on me. I’m not even really sure what “strawman” means, dammit! I mean, if you try and use deductive reasoning (if A equals B, and B seems to equal C, then A may well equal C too), why is that such a bad!?! Geez, no one knows everything, so why am I the only one that seems to have a bag of straw!?! ARGH!!

  2. You know, the quote by Lao Tsu comes to mind: “the more clever men are, the stranger men become.” The skeptics I know use very clever tricks to get out of accepting the consequences of what they say. “Straw man” is one of them. While, granted, straw man arguments are hurled at skeptics very often, skeptics often claim straw man against a perfectly valid argument. So yeah, your frustration has a valid reason.

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