To the genius who took the time to write a script that uses my other website to send spam

I hope

* some hacker named Bjorn steals your credit card number and drains your account from your ill-gotten gains to buy rave drugs online and have him shipped to his parent’s basement where he and his loser friends try unsuccessfully to score.
* your computers catch the BIOS virus and bite the dust.
* your companies are forced into bankruptcy by minor government employees who have nothing else to do and who are so cranky at having to work 9 to 5 in a dark cubicle that they laugh at you as you have to turn over your license.
* some clumsy Dept. of Transportation clerk named Hilda accidentally spills her coffee on the computer, whereby it short circuits and adds 5 outstanding warrants for DUIs to your driving record, and finally
* some bitter police officer named Hank finds those outstanding warrants, tracks you down, grabs you by the nape of the neck, hauls you into the pokey, and gets his first promotion in 10 years by doing so.
* during the 80 agonizing years you’re in the pokey, everybody forgets about you and you realize and feel the full brunt of the realization that you’ve contributed nothing useful to society.

And trust me, this is a much nicer fate than some other people would wish upon you.


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  1. Just me John, just had to let you know this is the first time I’ve heard you so angry. I’m wondering if you toned your anger down because anyone can read this, it’s really fucked up, and I feel for you. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have had nearly as much control if it had been me. So now you know, I really do read your blogs. I helps me get to know you better.

  2. I don’t think I toned this one down, just expressed it a little creatively. I really do want the !@#$@# who took the time to write a script to use my site to send spam to have a very LONG time to think about how worthless their actions are to society.

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