Once upon a time, it didn’t suck

Remember “Stuffit™”:http://www.stuffit.com? It used to be the _de facto_ standard for compression on the Macintosh. I remember the good ol’ days when you really had to have Stuffit or Stuffit Expander to make sense of any program off the internet.

Well, I’ve been using either .zip, .dmg, or .tgz formats for a while. But I had to get Expander for Windows to decompress one odd .sit file. And after several attempts, I found out that you have to get a trial version of a paying program to get the Expander, which is supposed to be free. And if you want to deinstall the paying portion of the program, you get rid of Expander, too. Teh 14|\/|3. What’s worse, the installation, without telling me, changed the preferred program for all my .sas files. As a regular SAS user (and someone who likes a little control over my computer), I get quite annoyed when things start screwing with my SAS file associations.

On the Mac, at least as of Panther (confession, I haven’t upgraded to Tiger yet), Expander comes preinstalled, and it’s pretty much out of the way until it’s needed.

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