Yoga in 5 minutes a day

With a recent newborn in the house, going to a yoga class will be difficult once a week, and doing yoga for more than a few minutes a day is almost out of the question. Quite literally, the first few minutes in the morning is all I have.

There is a lot of yoga to learn even in these circumstances. It’s a challenge to maximize the physical and mental benefits of yoga in such time-restricted circumstances. Still, a sun salutation in the morning gets the energy flowing and feels terrific. It stretches the hip, leg, and back muscles and wakes up the body. Some balancing, a couple of standing poses, a lunge or two, and some crunches (not yoga, but I do need the ab work), a few centering deep breaths, and I’m set for a bit.

Finally, I learn to cherish those few moments I get to myself, and appreciate the fact that I’m doing something to support my body during that time.


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  1. Congratulations 🙂

  2. I love you.

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