Boortz bites and other libertarian news

Commenter and NC blogger “Brian”: (thanks, Brian!) notes

bq. Neil Boortz is continuing his downward spiral…”:

Basically he says in the event of a disaster we should save rich people first. I know his reasoning … that rich people contribute more to the economy. You’ll hear talk about how rich people behave like rich people and that’s why they’re rich. And the same for poor people. However, should contribution to the economy be the prioritizing criterion for saving people in event of disaster. Did the NYFD check financial records before going into the Twin Towers? How about the poor people who behave like rich people, only their wealth isn’t measured in dollars?

Yeah, Boortz claims to be a libertarian, but he certainly seems to define it differently than I do.

Oh, speaking of libertarians, looks like the “NCLP(North Carolina Libertarian Party)”: didn’t make ballot access goals for the first time in a very long time. Not sure why. So my political affiliation is now unaffiliated. And that’s just fine, though at the rate we’re going I seriously doubt I’ll be voting for GOP candidates in the near future, especially on the state and higher levels.

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