It’s “WordPress”:http://www.wordpress.org plugin mania! I’ve added a few features to this blog:

* Automatic definitions, so you can navigate the alphabet soup that is the world of drug development. Now you can find out what an NDA is by moving your mouse over the word, whether or not I remember to use an <acronym> tag.
* Subscribe to comments in a certain thread. Useful for those controversial topics I stumble into on occasion.
* Sticky posts, like this one.
* Recent posts, without having to rely on “Feedburner”:http://www.feedburner.com so much (as good a service that is, it was stretching it a little bit to use them for a recent posts capability).
* More under-the-hood changes.

As a further note, I’ve noted that some comments are requiring moderation for some reason. I think they may be triggering the spam filters, because I haven’t singled out any person for moderation. I’m fairly aggressive about filtering out spam, with certain (secret!) keywords and number of links sending comments to the moderation queue. So it’s not anything personal.

*Updates:* I finally got rid of all the uncategorized posts, thanks to a batch category changer, and I also edited my spam list to remove some words that might reasonably appear in posts. If it becomes a problem, I’ll change it back.

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