Doctorin’ by letters

Orac’s guest blogger, in “answering a question”: that seemed perfectly set up for a little “respectful insolence” (maybe it’s just me), drops a few interesting insights:

bq. Does your friend have “M.D.” after his name?

Why don’t we consult Deepak Chopra on this issue? He has the fabled M.D., from Harvard no less! Maybe I’ll put an “M.D.” after my name, and then I can give medical advice!

bq. No doubt he gave you a lot of testimonials as “evidence” his favored remedy works, rather than actual scientific studies or well-designed clinical trials.

You heard it right here for the first time, folks! Orac’s friend EneMan is psychic! Let us all take a pilgrimage to EneMan to find out who else told whom a testimonial! EneMan sees all!

bq. What you will _never_ find is an actual well-designed clinical trial that shows that any of this actually works to remove gallstones. [_Emphasis in the original_]

Well, I couldn’t find a current study with this exact hypothesis. But they are “included in some studies”: Never say never.

Well, I found the thread this post is based on “here”: Looks like Gorski and his friends like to go onto other people’s playgrounds and beat up straw men.

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