Do you smell the rat?

Connected companies clinch cleanup contracts.



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  1. Then there’s the matter of Bush suspending the minimum wage for workers involved in the clean-up…

    No conscience whatsoever…

  2. Didn’t know about that one. Where’s the story?


  4. I’m no friend of W. or of Hallibutron/KBR, et al, but these stories would have more punch if they mentioned the other qualified firms who do this work but were cut out of the bidding process – if there was one – and also happened to have liberal ties. Are there any? The question is for real, not rhetorical. Even if there are none, I think the scrutiny is fine as whoever gets these contracts needs to better support their charges that HAlliburton/KBR did in Iraq. That said, who should have gotten the contract? And if there is no answer to that, why is there a story? Just askin’.

  5. Your point is well taken. My response to this story is “how typical.” It doesn’t inflame any hatred of Halliburton per se, but it is yet another example to fuel cynicism about the marriage of large corporations and government.

    My response to your comment is how many businesses didn’t even try because of the good ol’ boy system? Are we going to see any transparency in the system of bidding and awarding of contracts for this?

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