Muraglitazar sounds like a Babylonian king

But it’s not. It’s the first of a class of drugs known as PPAR inhibitors to make it to the regulatory submission stage. If you read the Wikipedia entry on PPAR receptors (and make it through the dense cell/molecular biology jargon) you’ll see a glimpse of what complexities are involved in inhibiting PPAR receptors. And when things are this obviously complex, you can expect lots and lots of side effects. That’s why this is the first PPAR inhibitor to make it this far despite years and years of research.

Bristol-Myers-Squibb and Merck are both rolling the dice on this, and I don’t think the dice are really loaded in their favor. All I have to say is that I’m glad I’m not on the Muraglitazar project team, on the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) advisory committee reviewing the compound, or on the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) review team for the compound.

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