Good in the world

A commenter who shares a name with me is refreshed by good news. In this time of tragedy, we seem to be focused on the bad so much that it’s easy to forget there’s good news. I’m guilty of the same. I feel sad for all the children separated from their parents, the people who lost all, all the pets left on their own and their owners forced to leave them behind and left to die …

Sometimes I have to cut off the news or close the computer just to avoid becoming an emotional wreck.

However, there is good news out there, even in the “midst of the disaster”:,0,113027.story?track=hpmostemailedlink (thanks, “DFL”:!). We have to keep in perspective that we will adjust. We will do the best we can to reunite families, save pets, relocate people who lost all, find jobs for people, and help the evacuees deal with their intense trauma. And there are the many heroes (including the six-year-old in the linked story and the DSS officials who helped him and his family members) who remind us that the human spirit is much, much stronger than even a cat 5 hurricane.

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