Mike Brown

Normally, when I read “Sadly, No!”:http://www.sadlyno.com, I do so for a little amusement, or at least to vicariously get my anger out about people who “say”:http://www.townhall.com “the”:http://www.boortz.com “dumbest”:http://www.peoplepolitical.org “things”:http://www.family.org. But, every once in a while, I get a bit of news from there, too. Now, I had heard this in a rumor before, but apparently the director of FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Administration) Mike Brown was asked to resign … from being a judge in horse shows?! Some versions of the story use the word “fired.” This was after some lawsuits over “supervision failures,” whatever that means. And, he apparently had little to no experience in his new line of work when he was appointed as deputy director in 2001, but he certainly had the connections. He got the top position when his college buddy Joseph Allbaugh resigned to work on the Bush campaign.

Incompetence from the beginning. Bush didn’t start fucking up when Katrina hit. He set this government up for failure. He drained our resources and sent them to Iraq for a sham war. He fought for and signed billions in tax cuts to the oil industry while their profits grew in a very difficult economy. (Side note: I’ve made clear in this blog that I’m for a consumption-based tax. I don’t deviate from that position. However, if you look at where the tax cuts went, you’ll see the priorities of this administration. Believe me, unless you’re an executive of an oil company or some other blessed interest, you aren’t a priority. And if you’re poor, forget it.) If we’re going to have a government that takes on responsibility for natural disasters (and I’m not convinced, like some of my libertarian colleagues, that this is such a terrible idea), then we need to make sure it runs and runs well. Appointing failed horse show judges is only icing on the cake.

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