Not just another Bush-bashing opportunity

I’ve heard a lot of Bush supporters claim that this is just another Bush-bashing opportunity. But I tell you what, it isn’t. Robert Kennedy aside, any fool knows that George Bush didn’t create the hurricane, and, even if his environmental policies would lead to worse hurricanes, it was take a lot longer than 4 1/2 years to screw things up *that* bad. However, this man is responsible for our federal government’s response to, well, anything that the federal government responds to. And, for whatever reason, be it,

* the reorganization of FEMA under homeland security
* the people Bush appointed to lead the agency
* the strategy and philosophy Bush set in place
* any instructions Bush gave to FEMA,

the buck stops with Bush. His administration has failed the hundreds of thousands of people stranded. And, what has been our government’s response:

* blame the victims, claiming that they, by their choice, did not evacuate
* claim that the shelter conditions are “all right”: (yeah, I know Barbara Bush isn’t technically part of the government any more but she is close to the President and expresses the neocon opinion very well)
* refuse aid from other countries (and then send mixed messages)
* go shoe-shopping
* slight the governor of Louisiana

Now, seriously, a lot of anti-Bush people have been claiming for a long time that Bush’s policies and the War in Iraq have left this country underprepared for disaster. They were right, and have been right for all along. So this isn’t yet another opportunity to bash Bush, it’s a perfect example of what’s wrong with him and his administration put in a most tragic situation.

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