Daffynition: skepticism

Skepticism: a system of beliefs, usually calling for the non-existence of God, by which religious and spiritual beliefs are refuted through a complex system of innuendos, credentialism, ridicule, _ad hominem_ attacks, and diatribe. Each person is required to deny individual experience (known distastefully to the skeptic as “subjective reality”), but believe, without question, a set of beliefs written out by a few chosen people known as “scientists.” Such chosen people may be more specifically as “physicists” (who seem to have the highest level of chosenness), “doctors” (only if they practice the system known as “Western Medicine”), “chemists,” and “biologists” (but only if they do not discuss the phenomenon of consciousness).


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  1. […] Enough being an echoboard for bad news today. Maybe I’ll post something else in the Skeptic’s skeptic’s dictionary“. […]

  2. […] Pragmatic fallacy: a principle of skepticism which claims that your experiences, and your interpretations of those experiences, are invalid unless they happen to come to the same conclusion as a select group of people known as “scientists” (see Skepticism). […]

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