My heart goes out to everybody directly affected by Katrina. The coasts of Mississippi and Louisiana are disasters in progress. Most of the people still in the storm had essentially no way out. They are the homeless, the poor, those without transportation. They are men, women, fathers, mothers, children. And they need your help. Right now, much of New Orleans is experiencing structural failure, and one wing is under several feet of water. And this is in the _city_, not to mention the utter disaster that either has happen or awaits the rural areas.


For the rest of the world, it looks like Katrina will “affect our wallets”:http://www.cnn.com/money/2005/08/28/news/international/bc.markets.oil.reut/index.htm?cnn=yes, as DrFrankLives points out. I’m not sure how much storm speculation is already built into current prices. I do know that Katrina’s winds will be felt around the world.

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