High runner’s lunge in beginning classes

Don poses a question
in his yoga journal. The question, as I read it, is

Is it appropriate to direct beginning yoga students to do high runner’s lunge?

As he notes, sometimes the abdomen gets in the way, and it may be a problem to perform the pose with correct alignment. And, sometimes, someone is just so new to yoga they will have problems aligning properly anyway. So, at this point, I would rather direct them to do a runner’s lunge with a knee on the floor and focus more on alignment than hitting a lunge. And the transition in the animation seems fine, just take off the last step.

For a beginner, I would do this a couple of times and then go for the high lunge. High lunge, aligned properly, isn’t as easy as it looks and I still have a lot of problems with it, and probably will for a few more years.

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