Looks like calling for a leader’s head on a silver platter isn’t the only thing Pat’s up to

He’s also promoting an “age-defying” diet drink. The thing that makes this shady is that his organization has nonprofit status. This is just a bizarre story.

Jesus, government, oil, and now age-defying diet drinks. What next for one of the world’s largest evangelical Christian outfits?


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  1. Robertson never met a shady money-making scheme he didn’t like, as evidenced by his involvement with Charles Taylor.

    Holy man, indeed…

  2. Scamming for Jesus. Or is it scumming for Jesus?

  3. pat is beneath contempt. my loathing is too good to be wasted on the likes of that crustacean.

    of course i mean that in a positive way….;)

  4. Unfortunately he carries a lot of weight in the zealous/religious right world. So we gotta deal with him. In the most positive way, of course …

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