I thought I was going to just take a few days off of blogging, then come back, but it looks like I’m taking more of an extended vacation. That’s ok, I suppose. I’ve decreased my blog reading by a whole lot, sticking to just a few local folk and a peek at one of the other snarky blogs. I haven’t had the stomach to scope out any right-wingers other than Boortz (and I do that only once a week or less now). It seems that the worse Bush’s rating is, the louder the gasbags are. Michelle Malkin is “playing dirty”:, but what the hell else do we expect from someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about due process and general human dignity? The Iraq constitution deadline nears, and no doubt Bush & Co. will try to use it as an opportunity to score a few more poll points.


I guess the good news is that Bush’s rating is in the shitter. The bad news is that he’s still in office. The Iraq war is still going on, and innocent people are still dying from it. People are starting to wonder if the only way to return stability to the country is by installing another Saddam. Bleaugh. They may be right in the short term. Thanks, Bush, for getting us into a quagmire we can’t get out of, killing a lot of people in the process, and leaving us with a situation that might require the evil we were trying to get rid of to restore sanity. Seems fucking pointless and senseless to me.

I can’t even partake of one of the little bits of “good news”: to happen recently. Well, I could, but that would be pretty thoughtless of me given that my second child will be here soon. And so that brings me to the title of my post.

The few weeks before the birth of a child are ones of great introspection. Nothing escapes. Is the house in shape? Are the finances stable? How am I going to arrange my schedule to adjust to the additional time committment, which will be *huge*? Can I adjust my work situation?

The situation is compounded when you already have a child who is becoming aware of the world, because then you start having to worry about interaction, spreading your attention and love (notice I didn’t say *dividing*), spiritual matters, schooling, explaining where babies come from, and so forth. And since the local news is almost indistinguisible from violent TV shows, I have to ask myself, “Why am I letting that shit into my house?” I mean yeah, my children will one day be exposed to all that, but let’s introduce it in small quantities at the right time. So, for the most part, I can simply shut it out of my house without any ill effect, and just read the headlines just to keep up on any current events I need to track.

After all, as long as I speak up so my voice can be heard, why should I give a fuck what Michelle Malkin thinks? No thank you, she can keep her poison to herself. Same goes for any other nutcase on the left or the right, with the exception of those who hold the real power.

The time in the cocoon is for soul-searching and transformation. I have a few ones brewing as we speak. No, I’m not going to go all right-wing and proclaim that all schools must teach Jesus and Intelligent Design. 😉 Not that kind of transformation. This one is more personal and spiritual. While I know a few places it _won’t_ lead, I don’t know where it _will_ lead. I guess we will find out.

I’m going to make an effort to get out a little more, even if only virtually. Except for around the time the baby comes, for obvious reasons. I’m probably going to move my blog installation over to a real hosting service, and simply thank the fine folks over at “ibiblio”: for tolerating my existence, even if they did cut off my comments.

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