Fuzzy brains

Dear Diary,

My head is still swimming from the Umber Hulk, so pardon me if this is all jumbled.

We found the drow cave after some time. I remember taking out a scout in a tree (now that I can go through the Plane of Shadow a short distance I can do these things a lot more easily). We pumped him for info and then turned him into a rabbit. (I love adventuring with this TTC(Tinker Trading Company).)

Then Shadow found a drow priestess and she MFing hit him with a beam of searing light. Argh! I wanted to kill her but the party decided she was worth more alive and incompacitated. So she’s tied up in a tree bound in a state where she can’t cast spells. Once we’re done with her …

But here’s the part that’s got me all fuzzy-headed. I scouted out a monster, but it seemed to know exactly where I was. I couldn’t hide from it. Then it let out this … well, I guess it was a noise and I’ve gone all fuzzy. My compatriots tell me that I tried to attack it and it hit me, I guess that’s where this wound came from. Well, that Nigel really knows how to fry things, and he and Rock took the thing out quickly. They keep talking about how they’re surprised at how tough it was.

Well, we’re in this cave, and there’s this door that tells us to KEEP OUT in dwarvish. I personally don’t want to know what’s in there, but once one of our clerics heals Shadow (that’s a story in itself … a Priest of the Morning Sun healing a Shadow! Ha!) I think we’ll send him in to see what’s there. And there’s all these drugged slaves, including two halflings and a bullette(!) in a cage.

We’ve a lot of work to do, and I’ve got to get this fog out of my head.

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