Summer, 1373 DR

Dear Diary,

Oh, what a difference a year makes! I tried adventuring in Thentia, but somehow I just didn’t _mesh_ with the adventuring parties. And what a pittance they pay! Sheesh, go rescue a pony with an amulet of health who strayed north into orcland and get paid 20 gp? What are those idiots _thinking_? Well, we rescued the pony and brought it back, but those jackasses didn’t even want to pay us. They thought it was a fucking charity or something. So we kept the amulet.

Well, to make a long story short, I needed something _greater_. Some better adventurers, and some better adventures. Well, I headed to Mulmaster. I mean some freaky shit goes on there, so there might be great adventures there?

Well, not really. But at least I got some leads. Some grim looking bard (he sang very sad songs) told me of a great adventure I could go on. Apparently there is this mantle deep in the Cormanthor forest south of the Moonsea that grants its wearer great power in working with shadow. Apparently you can even go to the Plane of Shadow and travel great distances in a short time. And the Tinker Trading Company, which is a silly name for an adventuring group if you ask me, apparently has adventured a lot in this area. So, this weird guy name Ima Liar pointed me toward Elventree.

And guess who’s a member of the TTC. Fucking Whitton. Or Whitten. Yeah, that guy who promised to flood the sewers of Phlan with holy water. How bizarre. He kept asking me about dopplegangers, and I was about to leave, but I really really wanted to go on this adventure and they seem like my best shot. And Wheaton, er, whateverhisnameis is cute, too. His nature boy friend Rock or Roc or Rok or whatever is kinda weird, but I have to say that he looks like he could take down whatever monster gets in his way. The only problem is, where is the rest of the TTC? Don’t they have a cleric? Where’s the healing? And I’m the rogue? How weird. Well, who cares! Tomorrow I’m off to the Cormanthor forest!

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