Summer, 1371 DR

Dear Diary,

I called my first pet today! I call him Slim Shady. Get it? He, being incorporeal, is very slim. And he’s a shadow and therefore shady. Ok, bad joke but Slim Shady it is.

So, Melvaunt is still fun. I heard news that that Whitton, er, however the hell you spell it has left Phlan. Apparently he muttered something about orc hordes, said the mayor’s job was boring, told his lieutenant to take over, and poof! He was off.

Well, I have to be very careful in Melvaunt. I’m getting quite a reputation as a dancer, and people I think are starting to get suspicious. I’ve resorted to disguise when I’m stealing, and that’s throwing off the police and nobles, but I might just be doing it a little _too much_. Actually, come to think of it, that feeling is coming back. You know, I don’t really like stealing, but it’s what I can do for a living. I mean, I’m a good dancer and people tip me a lot for it, but I could barely pay for the rent anywhere other than the slums.

I thought I had an opportunity to leave the other day, and I auditioned for a troupe, but they turned me down. They said they liked me, but they didn’t like my “style” or something like that. At any rate, I’m getting that feeling again. Like I’m a fish out of water.

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