Summer, 1370 DR

Dear Diary,

Well, it was time to leave Phlan. Everything just got so, boring. I mean, I like my dancing job, and everything, but I guess I have ants in my pants. I have to go do something _exciting_. So, I went to Melvaunt.

Ick! It’s smelly around here! But it’s a hopping place! Inns, nobles, the whole works! I made more in my last dancing performance than I did in a whole _month_ in Phlan. So, this is exciting!

So, of course, there’s a thieve’s guild here. They’re all formal and shit. I mean, like crazy formal. It’s said the leader of this group is some punk kid named Jimmy. Grew up on the streets, and learned the streets faster than anyone else ever, they say. Apparently, if you cross him, he can find a way to have a dagger in your back anytime, anyplace.

So, of course, I had to make a deal with them. I mean, c’mon! There are so many nobles around, and I bet they have some cool shit! So hell yeah, I’m stealing shit.

So, I’m back to seducing young boys. But instead of that dumbass lug Rocco hitting people over the head with a club, I go back to young boys’ rooms, grab some money and a nice item or two, and away I go! So for example, I stole this cool glove that lets me shrink things down. So I can go out in broad daylight, like nothing’s goin on, and then poof! I have a sword! Or I can go back to a boy’s room, get a sword of his, make his night, and poof! I’m gone! And he doesn’t know anything until later!

So yeah, I’m stoked. This city is so much better than Zhentil Keep and Phlan put together!

Oh yeah, I’m getting a pretty good reputation as a dancer around here. I put on one of the most memorable performances ever the other night! This could go places …

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