Attention to food ingredients and livestock treatment

A couple of years ago, my wife and I decided to be more mindful of what goes into making food, including ingredients, additives, preservatives, treatment of animals, and antibiotic and hormone use in livestock. I believe that attention is paying off. It became more critical a couple of years ago when we realized our daughter had a dairy sensitivity, and we had to read every ingredient label to screen dairy or face a week of hell of her constipation and pain. (You would not believe how many products contain either dairy, high fructose corn syrup, or both.)

While the critical dairy screening is thankfully done, we have not too much decreased our awareness of ingredients. For example, FD&C Yellow #5 causes a rash on my daughter, while Yellow #6 gives her insomnia and some awful kind of mania/hyperactivity.

The stakes now appear to be higher. There is now evidence that agricultural use of antibiotics “contributes to resistant strains in humans”: Given that antibiotic resistance is a serious health problem which promises to become only worse as time goes by, this study demands that immediate attention be placed on antibiotic use on livestock.

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