In other strange news, a large bright yellow circle was seen rising in the East this morning

“Congress opposes Chinese bid for Unocal”: Apparently they passed a non-binding resolution calling for the government to block the bid that CNOOC(China National Offshore Oil Corporation) just placed on Unocal.

So much for free trade, but then again, Bush showed his true colors on free trade by “pandering to the steel industry”:

I mean, this comes as no real surprise. Bush’s foreign policy has essentially been “driven by oil”:, down to either condoning, assisting, or even instigating aberrations to democracy in foreign countries. To rephrase, they have fucked with the very institution they have promised to spread, because of oil.

No, a Chinese company will never buy an American oil company as long as our government has any say, and as long as they have their current attitudes.

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