Religion + Politics = disaster, Part ℵ0

The sorry state in “Sri Lanka”: underscores the corrupting influence politics and religion have on each other. This one touches many of the world’s major religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. I don’t believe any religion or government is immune to this effect.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama likes to use the mountain as a metaphor for the spiritual journey. There are many paths to the top, and near the top all of the paths start to look very similar. In light of that, I’d hope that religions would be a unifying force, and they can be. But first we need to re-establish all five freedoms guaranteed “here”: Without the political influence to glorify your religion at the expense of others in the code of the state, the need to have a majority in the parliament or dictatorship or whatever is reduced.

What with “Pastor Ted Haggard’s”: meeting with President Bush every Monday (Haggard is the leader of the New Life Church of Colorado Springs, and noted evangelical) and Frist’s turning of a completely political issue also into a religious one with the filibuster imbroglio, we’re flirting with the dangers that come from mixing religion and politics.

It amazes me that we can condemn countries for the human rights abuses that comes from having a religion and government so intertwined, but a sizable minority of us want the same government setup in our country.

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