Neurology, motivation, and the news

Whenever I file an entry under both “mind and consciousness” and “current events,” I am often nervous. This entry is no different.

First up is the story about how tobacco advertisers are “targeting women”:, especially in developing countries. It seems they have their advertising techniques down to a science, including the perception of addressing health issues with cigarette. (Preview to the article: one of the techniques they use is putting appetite suppressants into the cigarette and touting weight-loss.)

Bitch, Ph.D. guest blogger PorJ talks about an NYTimes article discussing “neural circuitry and relationships”: Science Blog has its “own coverage”: of the findings. The findings in themselves are fascinating — not only is love connected to emotion and sexual arousal, but also to attachment and long-term planning. This science, as all science to some degree does, have a downside. It enables advertisers to be even more efficient, and, in light of the tobacco advertiser article linked above, you bet I smell danger.

Put this on your long list of developments to watch. And it’s high time we develop a defense against the onslaught of scientifically-refined advertising.

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