More commentary on spiritual themes in Star Wars

This “column”: explains that there’s something regarding spirituality for a large diversity of people in the ??Star Wars?? series. The article goes on explaining the influences of different religions — Eastern and Western — and even discusses how clergy are interpreting the themes of the vague “The Force” and the wisdom on its use.

The ??Baghavad Gita?? and other texts teach that there are many paths to union with God. More and more Americans have been opening up to that possibility, and it does seem that George Lucas rode upon the “crest of the wave” with “The Force” — an impersonal, vague presence that powers Life, or is composed of Life, or simply results from Life.

Maybe this is the reason for the success of ??Star Wars?? — it tapped into a need for an individual understanding of spirituality separate from an institutional religion such as Christianity. As the conclusion of the article says, when a movie becomes this big it can be a mirror for society.

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