Is America a Christian nation?

Is it merely the rantings of a few madmen (_e.g._ Dr. Dobson, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell), or is America a Christian nation? Separation of church and state has had a few victories in the public forum, such as the defeat of Judge Moore and his 10 commandments display in the courtroom and the removal of officially sanctioned Christian prayer from school events. However, as recent events in Kansas (the debate over inclusion of “intelligent design” as a scientific theory in the school curriculum) and Virginia (the inclusion of Christian prayer but rejection of a Wiccan prayer before a town council meeting) show, this separation is far from complete. A strong movement would like to tear down the walls between church and state, and you can be certain they have an ear at the top levels of the government. After all, Tom DeLay now has a “prayer army” asking God to protect him from political attacks.

Sandya Jain of “??The Daily Pioneer??”: paints a “darker picture”: and focuses on recent investigations of institutionalized prosletyzing at the Air Force Academy. You can think of the military as a microcosm of what the government would do if they had full control over our private lives, and, in light of the editorial, this view really scares me.

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