Revenge of the Sith (spoiler warning)

I finally saw ??Revenge of the Sith??. Maybe I’ll get my geek credentials revoked by saying this, but I _liked_ the movie. In fact, I liked ??The Phantom Menace?? and ??Attack of the Clones?? also.

Anyway, the only thing that really bothered me about the movie was the scene, however implied, where -Anakin- +Darth Vader+ kills a bunch of children.

My favorite part of the movie (MAJOR SPOILER WARNING) was the deep irony that the Jedi found a means of immortality, which is what -Palpatine- +Darth Sidious+ promised Anakin to seduce him to the dark side and never delivered.

And by the way, the appearance of Jar Jar at the end was innocuous and completely natural. Who cares, really?

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