Fill ya’, buster!

So, as predicted, some moderate Democrats and Republicans worked out a “filibuster deal”: The reaction from the left was a relatively collected, “Cool. Not perfect, but good.” The reaction from the right was weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. I think that the “freepers”: is engaging in some primal scream therapy at the moment.

I personally don’t see what the big deal is. The American’s public collective response is “fill what?”: and the Republicans can simply end the use of the filibuster at “any later showdown”: So, really, we just put off this issue for a bit.

The real victory here is that the Republican majority is “showing cracks”: It had to happen; they couldn’t hold together their unholy coalition of theocrats, corporate powergrabbers, small government/anti-tax advocates, and partisan hacks forever. That this happened now is pretty good; having it happen a year from now would have been a lot better. That most Americans don’t care right now is ok; there just needs to be some gridlock and head-butting among the people who do care. Issues that have practical everyday importance to most Americans will come up soon, or, if the Democrats and Libertarians are smart and effective, they’ll keep reminding the public of Schiavo, Iraq, and the numerous local cases of GOP interference in personal decisions.

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