A touch of grace

A touch of grace can change your whole day, week, or even life. This time, it changed my week. I’ve been having a bit of a hard time in the last few months, and it’s has pretty much worn me down. Earlier in the week I was in an insufferably bad mood — I couldn’t get happy or excited about anything, and when I did react it was with anger.

On Wednesday night, I was feeling like I wouldn’t get very much, except maybe a little exercise and a little break from the week, at my yoga class. While I was simply folding from a standing position to a forward bend (in a surya namaskar sequence) I felt a moment of grace, where nothing else existed, where future and past melted away. It was just me there, in a forward fold. I couldn’t really capture the feeling of the moment, and it quickly passed. However, its affect has been profound. I found some renewed energy and resources to cope with my week’s situations, at least to a far greater extent than I did before. I’m still not feeling at the top of my game, still fuzzy-headed and angry, but no longer constantly sour.

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